Church spring clean

THANK YOU to everyone who came and helped in our clear out on Sunday.

Particular thanks to the TIms and the wardens team for their hard work preparing for it.

The space has been transformed.

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School Reigate: Bursaries This is a State Boarding School on the southern edge of Southwark Diocese which offers bursaries for Clergy children of up to two thirds of the fees.  In exceptional cases further bursary support could be available on a means-tested basis.  The school covers the age range 7 to 18, and begins with Year 3.  They have around 50 Primary boarders and 360 Secondary boarders.  Boarders are free to go home or to stay with friends at weekends – though there are Saturday morning lessons – and an ordinary weekend sees about 150-200 boarders remain at school.  They also offer a parallel bursary for day-boarding places (whereby children can come in any time after 7.00 am and do not need to go home until boarders of their age go to bed, which is greatly appreciated by many local parents with demanding jobs.)   A further advantage for local clergy is that their children will automatically be offered a place despite the fact that the School is hugely oversubscribed, because of the clergy bursary.  The School has a full time Anglican Chaplain.  Further details at and preliminary enquiries should be directed to the Headmaster, Paul Spencer Ellis, at or by post to Royal Alexandra and Albert School, Gatton Park, Reigate, RH2 0TD.