thanks for asking

We already have a website address. Can we keep it?
Yes, absolutely, we will transfer your old address (domain name) to your new site.

Will there be adverts on our new website?
No way! Well,…only ones that you design to tell people about your church :)

Who owns the website when you’re finished building it?
You do. Church-Connect is unique in that we don’t retain ownership of church websites and tie you in to monthly or yearly subscriptions for the lifetime of the site. You own the website and Squarespace will host it for you. Someone has to host your site and Squarespace charge around £10 per month to host and provide a world class customer service centre to help you continue to develop your site.

Are you affiliated to Squarespace?
No, we’re not. We’re on no commission. We’re just happy to recommend them and use them because we think they’re the best for the job. We’ve also recently been awarded Squarespace Circle Membership because of the Squarespace sites we design. This means our clients receive an extended 6 month FREE trial and 20% off their first year. You’re welcome. :)

What if I am the named owner of the website but I’m moving on from the church?
It’s very easy to transfer ownership of the site to someone you’ve trained up to replace you. (In the Home menu go to Settings > Permissions > Transfer ownership)

What support will you give us after you have set up the site?
You will receive one-to-one training online or over the phone to equip you to update and develop your website. You will also have access to tutorial videos on the members page of the church-connect website so that you can refresh your memory in the early days of working on your site.

Is it going to take hours of my time to keep the website updated?
No. You will be able to change photos, update events and upload sermons in a matter of minutes and it will take you less time as you become more proficient. Writing news articles will take you longer of course but is an important investment in connecting with the church and local community.